Plan Your Exciting Trip to Gocek in 2023

Plan Your Exciting Trip to Gocek in 2023 last updated: 11 March 2023.

Currently there are no travel restrictions taken by the authorities of the Republic of Turkey to protect the public health from novel corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, we will keep this guide up to date with latest information.
Following detailed guide contains flight details, airports, transfers, car rentals, breakdown of expenses, and other useful tips to help you plan your exciting trip to Gocek in 2022!

Plan Your Exciting Trip to Gocek in 2023

Choosing your accommodation in Gocek

Göcek has 8 possible accommodation choices; 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels, 2 star hotels, Apart motels, Vacation rentals and Boats. Depending on your budget, style or occasion, you can find a great place to have a wonderful holiday. For a tiny resort like Göcek, the cost of your accommodation can range from ₺40 (apart motel) – ₺80.000 (luxury boat) a night.

Göcek is a very popular but small resort so booking your accommodation is key and this is where you should start planning your trip to Göcek in 2021. So let`s get started with some of our suggestions based on the locations;

Best resorts and hotels in walking distance to center


We have selected some accommodation so you plan your exciting trip to Gocek in 2023 where you will not need any vehicle to get to center of Göcek to do your shopping, have a lovely dinner at a restaurant, have a drink and walk back to your accommodation or do everything else you wish without the need to sort the travel back.

Renka Hotel & Spa – 75 Reviews – Score: 9.6 –Check rates & availability »
Sybelle suits by Villa Safiye-43 Reviews – Score: 9.5 –Check rates & availability »
Göcek Centre Hotel – 10 Reviews – Score: 9.5 –Check rates & availability »
D-Resort Göcek Special Category -340 Reviews – Score: 9.3 – Check rates & availability »
Dedemin Garden Hotel -31 Reviews – Score: 9.3 – Check rates & availability »
Villa Danlin Hotel -98 Reviews – Score: 9.3 – Check rates & availability »
Dedemin Marina Hotel -89 Reviews – Score: 9.2 – Check rates & availability »
Mesken Hotel -91 Reviews – Score: 9.1 – Check rates & availability »
Rixos Premium Göcek – Adult Only -267 Reviews – Score: 9.0 –Check rates & availability »
Efe Hotel Göcek -89 Reviews – Score: 9.0 –Check rates & availability »

Best resorts and hotels away from the center

There are also some superb accommodation which will require some sort of transportation to get to center of Göcek as they are based further away from town i.e. Inlice, Gokceovacik or a private bay like Club Prive Rixos. You can not walk to town but you can simply get a taxi from each of these destination between ₺15-50 (please check rates before your booking).

D&C Hotel Göcek -26 Reviews – Score: 9.9 –Check rates & availability »
Club Prive by Rixos -153 Reviews – Score: 9.5 – Check rates & availability »
Layla Göcek -107 Reviews – Score: 9.4 –Check rates & availability »
Alya Hotel Göcek -103 Reviews – Score: 9.0 –Check rates & availability »
D&C Hotel Göcek -23 Reviews – Score: 10.0 –Check rates & availability »

Best Budget Accommodation in Göcek

Göcek has the reputation to be a billionaires playground with incredible boats, houses and luxury lives. You can still enjoy the beauty of Göcek and surroundings without spending loads of money and we will do our best to guide you. Most of these accommodations are run by local families and they have been there longer than any other luxury hotels. Our research contains information from major accommodation booking sites as well as holiday rental sites as not all of them can be found under a single website. The only criteria is the price of up to ₺300 which is equal to £37, €40 or $46 per day.

Kerem Apart Hotel -130 Reviews – Score: 9.3 – Check rates & availability »
Alya Hotel Gocek -103 Reviews – Score: 9.0 – Check rates & availability »
Göcek Lykia Resort -50 Reviews – Score: 7.1 – Check rates & availability »
Yagmur Apart Hotel -18 Reviews – Score: 7.9 – Check rates & availability »
In Forest Göcek Apart -12 Reviews – Score: 7.0 – Check rates & availability »
Göcek Apart Otel -6 Reviews – Score: 8.0 – Check rates & availability »
Göcek Arion Hotel -88 Reviews – Score: 9.3 – Check rates & availability »
Selya Apart Hotel -51 Reviews – Score: 8.8 – Check rates & availability »
Jasmin Apart Hotel -34 Reviews – Score: 8.6 – Check rates & availability »
Dogan Apart -3 Reviews – Score: 8.9 – Check rates & availability »



Most airlines offer comprehensive insurance and some of the bank accounts will also cover you for your trip.


Republic of Turkey offers Electronic Visa Apllication through website. The process is very fast, easy and efficient. There are 3 steps; 1- Apply by filling a quick form 2- Make your payment 3- Download your visa. You need to print the downloaded visa and show it at the passport control.

If your country is not on the list ex: Great Britain; you do not require to apply for a visa.

Getting there

Arriving by Air


Booking your flights to Göcek

The nearest airport to Göcek is Dalaman airport (18.4km or 11 miles). The next nearest is in Rhodes but obviously you need to get to Rhodes first, take a boat to Fethiye then come to Göcek. The reason we mention Rhodes is some airlines continue to fly to Rhodes in winter so if you would like to visit Göcek out of season, flying to Rhodes might be a good idea. The other 2 airports are between 4-6 hours from Göcek (Bodrum and Antalya airports) but we won`t waste time discussing those as they are very unlikely to be used.

There are several airlines who fly direct to Dalaman airport which is only 18.4 km. Some of these airlines are; British Airways, Pegasus Airlines, TUI flights, Jet2 flights, easyJet flights, Turkish Airlines, SWISS flights, Finnair, Austrian Airlines. Check our Plan Your Trip to Gocek in 2023 article to find further information about booking your flights.

Dalaman Airport

In our 2023 Ultimate Göcek Destination Guide, we mentioned the closest airport to Göcek is Dalaman Airport (DLM). It has 2 terminals, the original terminal (smaller one) is for domestic flights and the recently built terminal is for international flights. Dalaman airport is the 3rd biggest terminal in Turkey which serves 120 destinations so you are likely to find a departure airport and airline serving Dalaman near to you.

The closest airport to Göcek is Dalaman (DLM). It has 2 terminals, the original terminal is for domestic flights and the recently built terminal is for international flights. It serves 120 destinations so you are likely to find a departure airport and airline serving Dalaman near to you.

A full list of the airlines and destinations can be found here

It is a relatively small terminal over 4 floors with 12 gates. Check in and departures are on the upper 2levels and arrivals are on the lower 2 floors.

A full list of the airlines and destinations can be found on wikipedia.

Check in and departures are on the upper 2 levels and arrivals are on the lower 2 floors.

What to expect on arrival?

If you land into the international terminal and the plane is connected to the terminal you will walk along an air bridge to get to the main building. If an air bridge isn’t available then a bus will transport passengers to the main terminal. There are a lot of stairs so anyone who is less mobile should arrange for support. Lifts are available but are few and far between. Arrangements for support can be made with your airline. Anyone travelling with a pram or pushchair will be able to collect it at the baggage carousel with the other luggage. These types of items are generally brought directly next to your luggage carousel.

Once in the main building you can follow signs for passport control and join one of the queues to be seen. Queues can get long at times if multiple flights landed same time but usually move fairly quickly. Toilets are available in this area and after the passport checks.

At passport control you will approach a booth where an agent (police) will review your parties documents. Instructions say to have a printed paper copy of your e-visa. There have been reports of (fines?) for arriving at border control without the printed copy. If you arrive without an evisa, there is another booth to get your visas which means you will have to join 2 queues and waste a bit more time.

Luggage collection

After passport control you will pass onto a balcony which overlooks the bank of luggage carousels. A monitor will list the recent flights and the carousel which will receive that flights luggage. Stairs and a lift descend onto the luggage collection floor.

In this area you will find toilets, prayer room and kiosks including for enquiries into. There is a duty free shop but prices tend to be higher than in resort. If you find your luggage is damaged then a report needs to be collected from the desk at this point. Issues are very difficult to rectify without one as your insurance company would demand for one of these reports.

To depart the terminal you will pass through customs. If you have nothing to declare, you can walk through the double doors and out onto the concourse. If you have items that need to be declared, approach the desk and discuss with the customs agents.

Once outside the airport you will find the means for onward travel. If you have booked a private taxi, you can expect your driver to be waiting here. You will also find taxis for hire 24 hours a day in season (April – Oct??). These are closely monitored and prices are fixed. A board will be on display with the fees for travel to common destinations. Agree the destination and the price before you set off. If you are traveling Easterly, you are likey to pass through the Toll Tunnel. The fee is 7.50 TRY but will be included in the fee. It is customary to tip taxi drivers and they will be kind enough to help you moving your suitcases.

Transfer from airport to accommodationdalaman-airport-to-gocek2

Shared Transfer

If you have booked a transfer privately or through an agent you will find a representative stood at a branded booth. From here you will be directed to your mini / coach.

Dalaman airport to Göcek by private transfer?

There are several companies who can provide a private transfer to your needs to/from Göcek. These companies can provide various types of VIP vehicles with a driver who will be at the airport waiting for you. Prices vary depending on the number of passengers, if you are traveling with maximum of 4 people, I will recommend taxi but if you are traveling more then 4 people private transfer will be better value for your money as you can book a return transfer for up to 7 people (VW Transporter) for ₺360, £46, €50 or $54

Dalaman airport to Göcek by bus?

Public buses are available and provided by Havas and Muttas. Both companies offer services to Marmaris and Fethiye but the collection point is at the domestic terminal and is a considerable distance from the international terminal (needs confirming). Let the driver know on boarding where you wish to get off and remind a couple of minutes before you want to get off. To get to Göcek, you can use either company and need to go towards Fethiye. The bus will first stop in Dalaman city and then travel on to Göcek. It will take approximately 20 mins and you will be dropped on the Main dual carriage way (D400) on the edge of Göcek. The cost is 23TRY. Havas have an English version of their website with timetables available here to check the latest updates to see shuttle service times. When you open the link please select “Dalaman” as the service point from left menu, select “Fethiye” from middle of the page and open the tab “from airport” to see the time table. Please see below picture for option details;

Muttas website is only in Turkish and has limited information and no timetables.

Dalaman airport to Göcek by taxi?

We don`t travel light as we have a little daughter, we will have a car seat, a pram, 3 suitcases and 3 hand luggage as well as several bottles of drinks for us and family. For these reasons taxi is our choice of transfer to the resort. It is convenient and it doesn`t require any booking or planning. Taxi rank is in front of the departure gates so as soon as those sliding doors open, you can see them. Turkish government and local authorities set prices for specific resorts from Dalaman airport and this will be shown on the board. The price we had in September 2019 was ₺110 and you can find further information in Plan Your Trip article.

Car hire

Car hire is available 24 hours on arrival from a number of well known and local companies but booking in advance is recommended. Better deals are available when you book in advance and you have more chance of getting the car you want. In high season, availability can be limited. You can see latest information on RAC website for the requirements for driving in Turkey.

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