About us

When you imagine an idyllic childhood, what do you imagine? The warm sun? Cool breeze? Playing on the beach? Exploring the country side. That is what I had; in Göcek.

My father owned a leather shop in Göcek town centre so he used to spend half of the year in Göcek and other half in north of Turkey with the family. As soon as school broke up for the summer (3 months) me and my brother would join our dad (if we weren`t training basketball) and move from the chaotic hustle and bustle of city life to the calm serenity of Göcek. Help our dad with the shop or mostly do whatever we fancied.

I will never forget our first rental flat. It was a family run bed & breakfast with the balcony so close to the sea, I used to fish from the balcony! There, I was free to enjoy my surroundings from the moment the sun rose til long after it set. During the day I would spear hunt, wind surf or fish in the sea or climb, scramble and adventure in the seemingly infinite forests. In the evenings I would ride my bicycle around the town with the other children, sit in front of the shop talk to experienced captains and listen to their stories, go night fishing, help in a bar owned by a family friend and much much more.


My wife and I have traveled to some beautiful places in the world but I held the fond memories of Gocek close. This meant that when I started a family of my own, I wanted my children to enjoy some of the same experiences. So Göcek was the natural choice for family holidays from the UK. Frequent family holidays turned into property hunting and we soon fell in love with a majestic villa perched on a hill at the edge of the forest.

So what about Goceq?

We want to help other travelers, sailors or guests to enjoy Göcek like we do! We hope to offer all the information you could possibly need to make your visit unforgettable. Soon you will be able to find more info on individual businesses, more Places to See around Göcek, Travel tips, Events in Göcek and much more.

It was then and still is a hidden gem of a place. Adored by those lucky enough to explore the coastline by boat.