Günlüklü Beach

Günlüklü Beach is 10 kilometers from Göcek and 17 kilometers away from Fethiye. The name of this bay comes from Günlük trees which this bay is surrounded of. As it is a national park, there is an entrance fee to this bay, car entrance fee is around 27 lira and there are plenty of spaces in the car park surrounded by lovely trees.
Günlüklü Beach

On the north west side of the Günlüklü Beach, you can find The Bay Beach Club. As resort which covers 50.000 m2 and offers various types of luxury accommodation option like; 20 standard rooms; 12 standard Bungalovs; 5 Deluxe Bungalov; 2 Deluxe Suite Bungalov; 3 Family Suites; 3 Sultan Suites ,1 adet Pasha Suite ve 5 Premium Villas with private pools.

Günlüklü Beach is not as popular as Inlice or Calis Beach but it is a must see around Göcek.

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Göcek has 8 possible accommodation choices; 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels, 2 star hotels, Apart motels, Vacation rentals and Boats.

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The best time to visit is from March/April till November/December. We could easily say you can visit Gocek anytime but based on some seasonal shops or facilities, to get the best out of Gocek we suggest you go from March/April till November/December.

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Göcek is a very small resort and the amount of information on internet can lack sometimes so we tried to gather a complete guide for you to find what is Göcek Life is about; shops, bars & cafes, restaurants, local bazaar and most importantly local service providers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters and so on.

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